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12 July 2005

Sorry, that site didn't updated already a long time. Now I found a materials and placed a new screenshots collection, from episode "Go For Gold!". I planning to place also a trailer to this episode in nearest time.

05 February 2005

Changed also the videofragment with music "Can't Trust Myself ". Now quality is much better, than was before.

02 February 2005

In "Video" section videofragment with music "All Life Long" changed to one with higher quality. Thanks to Max Artemev for technical help.

28 January 2005

To the "Fanart" section added my first picture. I painted it in 2001, but only now could transfer from paper to normal jpeg.

25 January 2005

Because of re-uploading with my slo-o-ow modem all vidofragments unvaluable on time.

07 January 2005

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everybody! (If somebody doesn't know, christmas in Russia is only today). A few small updates completed. First, all project is renamed. Now it named "Lisa Raccoon Fanpage". Practically, from that renaming haven't a profit, but I think, with this name more clear, what this project is. Second, from "Links" page deleted link to The Evergreen Standard. I don't know, are this site died, or just reorganize, but there are have nothing, it's a fact. It's a pity, because only on that site was possible to get some fanfics. Now looks like in all net a "raccoons" fanfics could be find only on my fanpage.

This site is about Lisa Raccoon from "The Raccoons". The idea of its creation visited me somewhere in December 2003, when I saw a site about Leela from Futurama. I have thought that time: "Why nobody of the Raccoons has his own site?!!" And I decided to change this situation. In a result, I created what you see. If you have some new info, or want to say to me something about this site (or not about this site), mail to me, please.



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